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If you have an interest in stocking up cigars, it won’t be long before you will need to start thinking about properly storing them. Cigars require a precise moisture level and to preserve them properly long term at the right humidity level you will need a humidifier device.  This humidification device is called a "humidor" - and is a must have for anyone who wants to keep their cigars in the proper conditions.
Keeping cigars at healthy levels may seem confusing at first, but is actually quite easy to achieve. Here is some information you can use to choose the right humidor to insure your smokes are kept just right and are at their peak flavor for long periods of time.

What Is a Humidor?

A humidor is a container that is designed to help maintain and store its contents at a specific humidity level. This is crucial for cigars as the tobacco leaves they are made of will naturally contract or expand based on the moisture in the air around them. When cigars are in high humidity conditions they will develop mold and could become infested with tobacco beetles.

On the other hand, when cigars are in dry conditions, they crack, shatter and shrivel up losing their flavor and aroma. They will also burn too quickly and unevenly, making them difficult to smoke properly.

A humidor comes in a variety of forms and sizes.  It can be as small as a case to carry along while you travel or as large as a walk-in room which you often find in cigar shops. No matter its size or shape, each one must have a good seal to maintain proper conditions.

How Do Cigar Humidors Work?
A proper humidor has everything you need to keep cigars in the right conditions.  More than just a box, a quality humidor has several parts that allow it to provide the right climate for your smokes.  The most crucial part of a humidor is its humidification system.  The humidifier, which is often soaked in distilled water, adds moisture to the humidor so that your cigars stay plump and burn slowly.  A hygrometer is another important part of your box. It measures the humidity levels inside to let you know if you need to add moisture or absorb some excess water to dry things up.

Types of Humidors
There are 3 types of cigar humidors. Each can be made of wood, acrylic, glass, metal, stainless steel or plastic. Wood humidor variants can be made of mahogany or other varieties of wood including MDF and offer a cherry finish, high gloss lacquer finishes and are often include Spanish cedar lining and gold, brass and stainless steel hardware. There are a mix of humidor variations that are determined by their size and functionality. We offer some of the most popular styles:

Furniture Humidor
These humidors are pieces of furniture that are used to store and preserve cigars. Usually, these are found in the form of cabinets or tables. Cabinets can be found in cigar shops, bars and retail locations but can also be found in private homes. These large humidors usually hold a significant number of cigars compared to their smaller counterparts. You can find these units featuring ample space to store upwards from 500 to 4000 cigars. One common cigar humidor that one may have come across are end tables or coffee tables that open to reveal humidified spaces. These designs are particularly useful when space is an issue, as they dub as a general-purpose table combined with cigar storage.

Personal Humidor
This is the type of cigar humidors that most of the mainstream cigar smoking public will own. These practical humidors are used by the occasional smoker to the discerning collector and cigar aficionado. Most of these humidors will hold anywhere from 10 to 100 cigars but some will hold as much as 300.  These are typically placed on a table at home or as a desktop humidor at an office.  Larger units give their owners more storage for their cigars.  Dividers within the humidor box can be used to separate cigars so their flavors and aromas don’t merge over on to other types of cigars. Smokers can also opt to utilize different humidors for their light body cigars and different ones for their medium and full-bodied cigars.  Even sectioning collection off by brand, country of origin or by new cigars vs. aged are steps taken by smokers that own personal cigar humidors.

Travel Humidor
Travel humidors are amazingly versatile. Owning a piece for traveling has proven itself useful time and time again.  Tough plastic designs travel cases are great for bringing your smokes along on the road since they do a wonderful job in protecting them from damage. Pocket humidors are a variation of travel humidors – these humidors come in different configurations and sizes but normally only hold two or three cigars. This is a short-term storage option that are usually used to carry stogies during short voyages since they are not humidity controlled.  These are often designed to fit in a shirt pocket, small bag or briefcase.